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What makes a Luxury Property Development?

By Emily Jones on April 13, 2021
UK Luxury Property Development

Imagine living in a luxury residence that exudes elegance and comfort. This residence could have hardwood floors, a gilded sideboard, and a private hot tub. It could also have state-of-the-art technology and amenities. Ideally, it would have its own parking space for your cars and a walk-in refrigerator.

It differs from ordinary property development because it seeks to fulfil specific standards of quality and elegance that exceed those of traditional property development.

More specifically, luxury property development is usually developed on a large scale, with state-of-the-art amenities.

It entails creating an environment that caters to the high-end market and serves the luxury clientele purely. Luxury property development may involve extensive remodelling of an existing structure or building from scratch, but both approaches involve masterful planning and meticulous execution by a qualified team.

Designed for high-end clientele

Luxury property development is a unique property designed for people who desire the best quality and value for money. The lavish details, size, space, location, and exceptional finishes make its tag price and rent way above the ordinary citizens.

As such, property developers focus primarily on creating an environment that caters to the high-end market and serves the luxury clientele purely.

To achieve the desired environment, infrastructure and construction practices are carried out using the best industry practices.

Social Amenities

The luxury property is designed and built with prime features like parking space, swimming pool, elevator, lobby, gym room, etc. Costing millions of dollars, a luxury property also includes gaming and theatre rooms.

The principal goal is to create an environment where owners are not obliged to seek these facilities elsewhere.

Luxury homes offer amenities not found in typical homes. These homes provide amenities like gated entryways with security, outdoor pavilions with summer concerts or holiday entertainment, heated indoor pools with private cabanas, and heated outdoor decks.

Some well-known amenities in luxury properties include private elevators for easy access between floors, balconies, and breathtaking views. Others feature private courtyards with staircases for privacy and distance from outside noise, custom-made furniture and smart lighting solutions that take your living room or bedroom up a notch, and more.

Expertise and construction materials

Luxury property development is the most rewarding market for property developers, that’s if done professionally. However, most developers consider it more competitive and take a lot of expertise, so not all developers can work in the luxury market.

But that’s how Berkshire Corporate started–we were drawn to this sector of the property market because we felt a gap between what was being offered and possible.

And we entered the market with one decisive goal—to deliver the best viable product regardless of project scale or budget.

High-quality materials such as hardwood and steel go into the construction of luxury buildings.


Today, luxury property owners want all when it comes to built-in technological features. With a swipe on your smartphone or laptop, you can control lights, security systems, room temperature, music, and others from wherever you are.

Luxury property developers use technology to help make homes more fun and user-friendly.

Technology plays a vital role in enabling maintenance services and monitoring home security. In addition, the surge in demand for data products and services in recent years has pushed house builders to develop more technology-enabled luxury properties.

The latest high-end home and office designs feature internet connectivity to stay connected with Google Wi-Fi, Apple AirPods, and Bluetooth 4.2. Other features include remote security systems, heated floors, non-slip bathroom floors, virtual theatre, and smart TV to control the security system.

For investors and property owners alike, the rapid growth of technology has been a game-changer in luxury property development in the last ten years.

Luxury homes are built with a Wi-Fi connection, connected garage doors, and on-demand video services system integration.

Major technology companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Google push hard into luxury homes with technology as a core component.

Open floor plans say it all.

Whether commercial or residential, a property is not luxurious unless it has expansive and airy floor plans. It must also feature a grand entryway.

Location, location, and location

Location is an ultimate consideration when it comes to luxury property development. High-end clients desire the perfect exclusivity in their property; exclusive beachfront, concealed oasis, expansive ranches, etc.

All luxury property buyers want the perfect location that meets their needs.

Exercise Room

A luxury home comes with many benefits, including an exercise room with high-end fitness equipment.

Luxurious fitness rooms have plenty of space for weights, equipment, televisions, built-in wireless speakers, and saunas, as well as indoor pools for relaxation after workouts.

Gaming and Theatre rooms

Luxurious properties come with in-home gaming and theatre rooms, and the trend is to include other amenities like indoor pools, basketball courts, and lavish sports bars.

A spacious bedroom fit for Queen and King

A spacious bedroom is the dream of many investors and entrepreneurs. It is a great place for privacy and to appreciate the lavish lifestyle of luxurious properties.

The spa bathroom

A lavish lifestyle demands a sumptuous bathroom similar to those found in spas and hotels. So naturally, luxury homeowners would like to have that at home.

It comprises walk-in showers fitted with head-to-toe shower sprays and radiant heat. It also features a towel warmer and a vast soak bathtub perfect for escaping from a busy Lifestyle.


A walk through a luxury property development can make you feel as if you’ve entered a fantasy land. The architecture, technological features, design, and furnishings are second to none.

The exclusive location provides an escape from everyday life as you’re surrounded by nature. Luxury developments also offer amenities such as fitness centres, swimming, courtyard, elevators, entertainment and parking.

Luxury property developments features state-of-the-art technologies to enhance quality of life and boost security.

With an unbeatable price-performance ratio, you have the opportunity to invest in luxury property development. For more information contact us now.

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